Frequently Answered Questions

You Asked, We Answered

1. Will changing the exhaust to Barrel Exhaust affect the mileage of my bike?

The exhausts have been designed to enable the engine to perform at it’s best, however we do not want to give you false promises that your engine would get a sudden boost and perform like a rocket engine with increase in BHP. Almost all and we are sure even you know that just changing an exhaust end portion is not sufficient to increase the power but somehow we fall prey to fairytale claims from some companies that draw a graph that none of their customers understand and show peak performance. In simple terms we tell our customers that yes, with Canon 2.0 on your bike, you would love the experience in terms of sound, smooth ride and turning heads.

On the question of mileage, we would like to bring to your attention that mileage is a result of many parameters related to the bike and the biker!! Yes you read it right.. biker too.. Here is what we want you to know about the mileage you get from your bike. The parameters that determine the mileage of your bike are but   not limited to the following :

  1. Weight on the bike

  2. Riding style (sudden acceleration/ braking)

  3. Excessive use of clutch

  4. Incorrect tyre pressure

  5. Incorrect Carb Tuning (lean or Rich) (EFI mapping in case of EFI)

  6. Faulty spark plugs (clogged plugs)

  7. Impure fuel

  8. Exhaust system

In this case the mileage may get affected or get complimented by a change in any of the parameters listed above. We never promise our customer (bikers) an increase in mileage however most our existing customers have so far not complained of loss of mileage due to the exhausts we build.

2. Is Cash On Delivery option available?

Yes! On select products for domestic shipping orders only. We have other options for you to buy online such as (Credit Card / Debit Card / Net Banking / Paytm).

3. Which countries do you ship to?

We ship worldwide at very low shipping rates and quick timelines. Buyers from other countries need to write to or WhatsApp to +91 94816 36312 and the International Sales Team would assist in placing the order and shipping the desired product.

4. Do you accept returns?

Orders once placed with us cannot be cancelled or returned. In cases where the product has been delivered with damage, the buyer has to inform Barrel Exhaust with sufficient proof with images emailed or whatsapp on the same day of the receipt. Barrel Exhaust would determine if the product damage get's covered under warranty and may choose to issue a replacement. The customer must send back the damaged item is it's original packing and with all accessories that was in the packing sent to the customer. Upon receipt of the damaged part, Barrel Exhaust would issue a replacement.

5. Is using Barrel Exhaust legal or not?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions since the time the traffic police shared video of destroying after market silencers in creative methods went viral on social media. Here is our response to the above question.

As far as the question if the exhaust is a legal product or not, our answer is YES, Barrel Exhaust is very much a legal product for which the government collects 28% GST and has assigned a HSN code under the tax framework. At Barrel Exhaust, taxes are paid for every sale and the product is legally possessed by our customer after paying the government 28% of the product cost. 

Unless the Govt determines that the product is illegal (like any of the banned drugs ) they do not collect tax on them nor assign a HSN code under GST. So we assume you are now sure that buying Barrel Exhaust is as legal as buying your favourite cigarette or liquor from the stores. 

Now to the part of question where it is asked if using the exhaust within the city limits is allowed or not is a question that only the cops on the streets can answer. Law is implemented as per the convenience of the person responsible to implement it. Most of the cops neither are aware of the procedure to check if the exhaust meets the sound norms nor do they have any equipment to verify the limits. 

While most of our after market exhaust systems come with a DB killer option, we do suggest our customers to enjoy the product responsibly.