terms & conditions


Barrel Exhaust ships its products across the globe through its logistics partners. Ideally deliveries within India takes around 7-8 working days (except to some remote areas it would be more) and to International destinations within 30 days from the date of order. For some reason if Barrel Exhaust is unable to deliver to the customers address, then Barrel Exhaust may choose to refund the amount in full to the customer.


Goods once purchased online cannot be cancelled or returned if product has already been shipped from Barrel Exhaust factory. There is no return of used products under any circumstances and no refund of money shall be done by Barrel Exhaust in this regard. The buyer upon placing the order online in this web-store hereby agrees to the guidelines laid by Barrel Exhaust time to time. Barrel Exhaust may at any time update and change the guidelines and it is the responsibility of the customer to be aware of the same.


Barrel Exhaust will be the sole party to decide whether the refund claim from the customer qualifies or not for a Refund. Also refund shall take a minimum of 2 weeks to 30 days from the date of approval of refund by Barrel Exhaust. A refund in Cash or Store Credit shall happen based on the decision of Barrel Exhaust after determining if the claim qualifies for a refund.

Buyer Agreement

The buyer understands and agrees that use of any Barrel Exhaust aftermarket product on the vehicle may render the vehicle manufacturer warranty void. Upon buying a Barrel Exhaust product, the buyer agrees to indemnify Barrel Exhaust, it's team members and sales partners of any loss arising due to the use of it's products not limited to legal, financial or even loss of life. The buyer understands that Barrel Exhaust products are only for Off road / Closed Circuit Racing use only and not for use in City Limits.